Friday, October 6, 2023

Sexuality and the Orthodox Church

 By Metropolitan Gabriel of Nea Ionia, Philadelphia, Heraklion and Chalkidona

There is a lot of talk about new forms of family and new definitions of human relationships, about people's sexual choices and directions. The prevailing reason is for the personal rights of all people, for the absolute freedom to choose partners, but there is also the shallow sexuality that leads to brief pleasures.

We easily place labels on everything that we find difficult for us, on everything that does not agree with us, such as e.g. "racist", "liberal", "immoral", "conservative", "homophobic", etc. Nowhere, however, is the label "human"!

In Orthodox theology, things are absolutely clear. "Male and female did God create them" (Gen. 1:27). In Cana of Galilee, Christ blessing the marriage (Jn. 2:1-11) we come across a family relationship between man and woman, with the aim of uniting the two in one body and their common path to heaven, without of course the condition of childbearing, as many mistakenly believe.

Friday, June 16, 2023

Statement of the Church of Cyprus on the Criminalization of Sexual Orientation and Gender Conversion Therapies

Over a year ago, the activist group Accept-LGBTI Cyprus surveyed around 100 people and revealed that conversion therapies for sexual orientation or gender identity are still being carried out in Cyprus. According to this report, it found that

1. A victim was forced by a priest to kneel in front of a statue of Jesus Christ and apologize for having sinned.

2. Another was forced by an endocrinologist to take a course of testosterone (male sex hormones) because the doctor said he was too effeminate.

3. Another was exorcised by a priest.

4. Some people had attempted suicide following the so-called therapies.

This prompted lawmakers to propose a ban on all forms of conversion therapies for sexual orientation and gender identity, and make it a crime if any attempt is made at such conversion therapies.