Saturday, September 25, 2021

Thoughts on World Contraception Day (Metr. Hierotheos of Nafpaktos)

By Metropolitan Hierotheos of Nafpaktos and Agiou Vlasiou

Unfortunately we live in a secular society, even if it is called and self-described as Christian. And of course this Christianity is also secularized.

Within this perspective is the disregard of the daily Christian feasts, in which our Saints are featured by the Church, who are models for our lives and for holiness, and there are other holidays that refer to human life, and in fact to events that are not inspired by the commandments of Christ.

Among the many celebrated world days is "World Contraception Day".* People have established a world day, in which the contraception of the child will be "celebrated", that is, the human desire to feel pleasure, but without the birth of children, which is the continuation of life.

It was clear from the press that they are not so much interested in the decline of humanity, especially in our country, but mainly in how to make a contraception, but also to avoid abortions. In fact, there is talk of avoiding abortions not so much for reasons influenced by the gospel, but mainly because it has consequences for women's health, as well as for the finances of a family! In other words, it examines how it is possible for a person to live hedonistically at the least economic and health cost. Therefore, here too we find a mentality focused on prosperity and utilitarianism.

The headline of the daily newspaper is typical: "We spend 50 billion drachma for abortions!" Commenting on the opinion of a specialist professor that doctors do not recommend other methods of contraception apart from abortions, which they say have nothing to do with financial gain but with the old mentality that prevails in our societies, he writes: "It is difficult to believe his words. Whatever we do, 50 billion drachmas is a big temptation. Especially when, year by year, the number of obstetricians increases and the number of births decreases." Unfortunately, everything is measured by financial figures and economic expediencies. Life is squeezed into the clashing rocks of economic gain and pleasure.

And with such a mindset we are establishing global days of celebration, as well as protesting why people are going from bad to worse. But what world day will teach people that there are rights for fetuses and children who want to be born and not just the rights of people living in their sick blissful happiness?

* According to the website for the promotion of World Contraception Day, "On September 26th, or World Contraception Day as we prefer to call it, it is our mission to spread the word and raise awareness about contraception and safe sex. Our aim is to help each new generation of adults make informed decisions until every pregnancy in the world is a planned one." International Safe Abortion Day is on the 28th of September. These days are established by the United Nations.

Source: Translated by John Sanidopoulos.